About us

Our work and experience paid off, now we can say our customers are in good hands.

After years of hard work to make our foundation strong, now we are one of the fastest-growing foodservice organizations in Georgia. We realized every successful business needs strong, smart, fast, and right suppliers; therefore, we copied the same ideas for our customers as our partners.

We can provide your business with a full line of products, custom orders, best price, and quality products in town.

We are a collection of producers, suppliers, and logistics companies in Georgia. We are connected and hands-on with the organic and conventional growers of vegetables, herbs, meat, dairy, and bakery at your back yard or in your neighborhood Georgia all year round.

We provide you with fresh or frozen American, Italian, Mexican, and Mediterranean specialty items. We can spice your business with the right services and products. We are a network of farmers, packers, shippers, and suppliers direct. We are local. We are open to new customers for a limited time only. Get on the board and try it now.

We have the most complete selection of the best products






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